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AnkhSVN update

September 10, 2008

AnkhSVN as mentioned before is a visual studio integrated sub version tool. It has released the new version v2.0, and is fully compatible with bot Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 version.

There are no issues as of now with the addin and it integrates smoothly with both editions of Visual Studio. 



Installing AnkhSVN on Vista

April 2, 2008

For those who does not know about AnkhSVN, it is a free Visual Studio .NET addin for the Subversion version control system. It allows you to perform the most common version control operations directly from inside the VS.NET IDE.

I was trying to install AnkhSVN on my office laptop, which currently running on Vista OS and has Visual Studio 2005. After setup was complete successfully I started the VS.NET and received this below error.


I initially thought it as problem with having two versions of Visual Studio (2003 and 2005) which I had. I removed VS 2003, but still received the same error.

I found this entry, which will help you to resolve this issue.,guid,a77d0675-8d15-48c2-bdce-43096ba7dbce.aspx

PS: You wont face this issue with latest version of AnkhSVN. Download from here.

Update: Subversion and TortoiseSVN Installation Cookbook